A Bunch Of Amateurs At The Watermill Theatre

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A Bunch Of Amateurs - Header

Last Christmas while attending our family’s traditional outing to the Watermill Theatre’s festive production – The Adventures Of Pinocchio – we saw a poster for a production of A Bunch Of Amateurs, a film my mother had seen and enjoyed, this summer and with its stage run falling around the same time as my Father’s birthday it seemed to make sense to make the short trip back to the Watermill and enjoy an evening’s entertainment in the name of birthday presents! Now I must confess that besides from the brief plot synopsis that my mother had provided me when we first saw the poster I knew absolutely nothing about what to expect and in fact, ashamedly, I had forgotten entirely that we were planning to come to it until my mother announced quietly in the days before my father’s birthday that’d she’d picked up the tickets. Read more