Film Review: Maleficent

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I’m not exact sure what I was expecting from Maleficent. I never really bothered to pass it a glance when it was out in the cinema. It is, after all, a kids story. And they’re never any good? So I’m not exactly sure why after it’s DVD release I was suddenly drawn to it. But something drew me in and so into the “to watch” pile it went; having sneakily managed to convince Santa that a 3D Bluray copy was a fair Christmas treat.

What makes this sudden draw even more surprising is that as a film it seems to have divided wider opinion. The general consensus seeming to be that its strongest suit is the performance of Angelina Jolie and that after that, it wipes it’s feet but not much more. Once again though, I couldn’t help but remind myself, that it’s a kids movie. And that critics are usually maturing men with a Vitamin D deficiency! Read more

Film Review: The Lego Movie

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In the same way that Frozen seems to have clung on and refused to go into the night, The Lego Movie has also managed to sneak in from the corner, outperform expectation and create an almost cult following. People just seem to love it. People rave about it being one of the best films of the year, and that Oscar success is likely on the horizon, but I’d never seen it.

I’m not really sure why I missed seeing it in the cinema, especially after the weeks of positive reviews it received, but I did. And so, it’s taken until now to finally see what all the fuss is about. It did, however, mean that I have had to wait to see it on 3D Blu-ray, but still, I can finally say I’ve watched it. Read more

Film Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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I remember when the first “Amazing Spider-Man” film came out with Andrew Garfield taking over the web slinging role from a not long departed Tobey Maguire that people were saying it was too soon and unnecessary to reboot the franchise but in fact, this reboot had wiped away the pain of clichéd upside down kisses and that the franchise had a stronger future now as a result.

I remember enjoying the first film, my IMDB rating is 8/10, but I can’t actually remember what happened. I think have the problem is that because so little timed passes between the rebooting I muddle up events and characters. And so, essentially, I sat down to watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 completely blind. Almost in a state of starting fresh with no prior knowledge of past events.
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