Book Review: The Man Who Couldn’t Stop by David Adam

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The Man Who Couldn't Stop by David Adam - Header

I read Graham Greene’s The Power & The Glory because Matt Haig told me to. Well, he made such mention of it in his book Reasons To Stay Alive, discussions on how it was a constant source of enjoyment and almost help in his life, that I felt impelled to read it. I didn’t enjoy it, but it’s imagery is still clear in my head whenever I think about it. So it must have made some impact I suppose.

Haig also referenced The Man Who Couldn’t Stop by Dr David Adam. Describing it as “a brilliant and at times highly personal study of OCD, full of insights into the mind.” And with my love, passion and own personal connection to the mind and it’s faltering workings I made a note of the book, determined whether or not Haig had steered me wisely with Greene, that I would read it as well. Read more