Book Review: The Power And The Glory by Graham Greene

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The Power And The Glory by Graham Greene - Header

When it comes to reading I currently feel a little bit like a sponge, I am just soaking up everything and anything without care or thought. I just want to read. And any source, any recommendation gets thrown onto the wish list for potential future offerings. So, while reading Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive he made numerous mentions to The Power And The Glory by Graham Greene, and so without investigation or sample, I sat down to read it.

Now I am not religious, I have no problem with anyone who is, but for me I like to understand why and believe that there is an answer for everything. Which instantly put me at odds with a book that is essentially born in religion. I just don’t think that I was ever a candidate to become engrossed in the story. Although, I will admit that while I there are large parts that are slow and monotonous, with a seemingly never ending repetition of a single series of events, I didn’t dislike the book or it’s ideas. I just didn’t find it interesting. Read more