The Royal County Of Berkshire Show 2010

Hot air balloons have flown from The Royal County of Berkshire Show for over 25 years, and for a large portion of that time, my family has been responsible for organising the mass launches. That tradition continued in 2010 as around 20 balloons of all shapes and sizes took to the skies over Berkshire.

Once again Lindstrand Balloons asked if I could fly the Palletways balloons, something I am delighted to be able to do, and with the star of the show being Palletways Mascot “Slick the Dragon” having the opportunity to fly it over Newbury on the first morning of the show was not something I wanted to miss.

Flying "Slick The Dragon" For Palletways From The Royal County Of Berkshire Show 2010

In the evening, the surface wind speed had increased to a point where Slick was unable to fly, although it was still perfectly safe for traditionally shaped hot air balloons to fly, so I inflated the Palletways round balloon in the main ring along with a number of other balloons to entertain the public attending the show.

Tethering The Palletways "105" Hot Air Balloon To Entertain The Crowds At The 2010 Royal County Of Berkshire Show

Photographs © Josh Taylor & Dave Baker

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