Flight Report: G-CDYL ~ The Perfect Morning To Learn To Fly

After the perfect conditions of last nights flight and with the weather still providing near perfect flying conditions, it seemed foolish not to make the most of it and go for another flight. With the wind having backed overnight from the Westerly winds that gave us a track down the M4 from Hungerford, to a Southerly wind this morning, but still perfectly acceptable, we once again set off to Folly Dog Leg near Hungerford.

This time, however, rather than just going for a pleasure flight, we were flying with a purpose. Jack Kennedy, whose father has been ballooning and crewing with us for years, and in fact, has essentially grown up ballooning with us, is now at an age whereby he’s old enough to gain his own licence and with oodles of enthusiasm, is speeding through his training.

So this morning was all about continuing his training and giving him “hands-on” time. Which with my father, an appointed BBAC instructor, flying as well, meant that my camera got it’s second work out in less than 24 hours, as we took off in stunning conditions, with some low lying mist adding to the spectacular views as for 90 minutes we slowly drifted over a slowly awakening world.

G-CDYL - Folly Dog Leg - 6th May 2013AM - Track
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