The Great Llangollen Show 2010

Last weekend saw the first ever Great Llangollen Show in North Wales. Held at the Llangollen Pavilion, I was there flying the Palletways round “105” hot air balloon for Lindstrand Balloons, forming part of the hot air balloon display that took to the skies each morning and evening to open and close the event.

The Palletways hot air balloons take to skies over Llangollen

I was joined in the skies by “Slick the Dragon” Palletways’ new mascot and special shape hot air balloon, as well as, balloonist’s from all over the UK. It was the first time I’d ever flown in the Welsh valleys and, I can honestly say, it is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever flown, Beaten only by the Italian Alps for the stunning views and challenging flying it provided.

The Saturday morning flight is one that will live in my memory forever. With no passengers to fly, but perfect flying conditions, we decided to reward the crew and flying just one balloon instead of two, thus allowing them to act as the passengers. Very slow conditions allowed us to simply drift around the valley, never getting above a couple a couple of hundred feet off the ground, using the natural flow of the river the steer the balloon. Conditions were so slow and the winds drifting so variably around that after 45 minutes of flying we were only half a mile from the launchsite having travelled in a huge circle. Landing in the carpark of the Motor Museum!

As an event, I can honestly say that if I get the chance to go back next year, even if it’s just as a private entry, I will be there.

The Palletways round "105" drifts slowly away the launch site

Photographs © Jake Bruce

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