Flight Report: G-CDYL ~ The Brrrrr-fect Way To Start 2012!

It is possible to fly a hot air balloon throughout the year, flying is simply controlled by the weather. As a result, you won’t see many hot air balloons flying during the winter months simply because the weather is usually unsettled bringing high winds and rain. However, from time to time, a high-pressure system will arrive over the UK plummeting the temperature, bringing overnight frosts, low lying mist, and light winds.

While few and far between, winter flying can be visually one of the most beautiful conditions to fly in, and so with a small ridge of high pressure covering the UK I jumped at the chance to fly and get 2012s flying underway. The other nice thing about winter ballooning is that, due to the lack of thermal activity, you don’t get the gusting winds during the day that you get in the summer. This means that you can fly at virtually any time of the day, or go for a longer flight than normal.

There is becoming a small tradition that I fly with my father, who is also a pilot, at the start of every ballooning year. I’m not exactly sure how it started, but with the opportunity of a flight, we gathered together some crew and decided that once again we’d go flying together. We took off from Streatley, in very cold and frosty conditions and flew north, between Wallingford and Didcot, before passing over Abingdon coming into land around 1hr and 20mins later near Wootton.

Streatley 14th January 2012 AM Track

Oh, and sorry about the pun in the title, but it was jolly jolly cold!

Streatley 14th January 2012 AM 01
Streatley 14th January 2012 AM 02
Streatley 14th January 2012 AM 03
Streatley 14th January 2012 AM 04
Streatley 14th January 2012 AM 05
Streatley 14th January 2012 AM 06

Photographs © Copyright Keith Harbor 2012

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