Flight Report: G-CDYL ~ Sharing The Skies With Friends

One of the biggest attractions for a lot of people towards hot air ballooning is the social side that accompanies it. Whether that’s with the passengers you share a flight with, being in the sky alongside other balloons, or simply the post-flight drink in the P.U.B. after. While I adore cloudhopper flying, there are times when it’s just nice to sit back, relax and partake in a flight with friends, rather than on your own.

Tonight was exactly one of those nights. With glorious sunshine, light winds and a balloon it almost appeared to be begging to take to the skies: my father, myself and good friend, Clive Brash set up for a flight from Folly Dog Leg in Hungerford. On arrival, not unexpectedly, we found a launch site full of other balloons and balloonists all having had the same idea.

And so, after the usual hello’s, rigging, inflation, and ascension into the skies, it was off for a stunning 80 minute flight East from Hungerford along the M4. And with two other pilot’s in the basket with me, I was able to simply get out the camera and let my creative eye take over.

Some nights are just meant to be spent in the company of friends at 1,000ft!

G-CDYL Folly Dog Leg - 5th May 2013PM - Track
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