Hold The Back Page!!

I’m used to appearing in the media thanks to flying sponsored balloons for Lindstrand Balloons and Airship & Balloon Company, where getting clients balloons into the press is part of the job. After all, the balloon is an advertising medium; but I got a pleasant surprise when the June issue of my local parish magazine arrived through the letterbox.

I had borrowed a balloon from Lindstrand Balloons to gain some experience in flying larger passenger carrying balloon with a view to undertaking some more work for them and had no idea I had been snapped taking off from my local launch site as I drifted beautifully over the River Thames and Goring Lock.

The photograph had obviously then been sent to the local magazine, who had printed it in full glory on the back page. So, even when I’m just out having fun, I still end up getting press!

Lindstrand 120 In The Goring Gap News
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