Growing Old Gracefully

It seemed appropriate, that on the day Ordnance Survey’s flying unit moved to a new home at East Midlands Airport, that their old cloudhopper hot air balloon be inflated, to mark the occasion!

In fact, while we had read the BBC article earlier in day, the inflation wasn’t specifically done to mark the event. Ordnance Survey ran 2 hot air balloons commercially during the late 1990s to promote the brand and to be able to offer corporate hospitality flights to clients, staff, and the press. They finished using the balloons when they were no longer flyable and as a result, they came into our care and are now stored in our barn.

Being made of fabric, a hot air balloon envelope that isn’t being regularly flown needs to inflated a couple of times of year to simply air the fabric. Unfortunately, due to natural moisture in the fabric and air, it will deteriorate (in the same way that as a fabric tent stored for a long period of time will) if just left.

OS Hopper Inflation February 2012 01
OS Hopper Inflation February 2012 02
OS Hopper Inflation February 2012 03
OS Hopper Inflation February 2012 04
OS Hopper Inflation February 2012 05
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