00Dragon At Pinewood Studios

Arguably one of the best jobs I’ve ever done at probably the most famous location I’ve tethered a balloon. My month of working exclusively on the Palletways balloons for Lindstrand Balloons comes to an end with an evening of tethering at Pinewood Studios.

Palletways were holding a James Bond themed evening at Pinewood and so to start the evening off we tethered the Palletways 105 on the main lawn infront of the house. The evening was to open with a live action sequence to allow James Bond to make his entrance into the event, and what better way to do it then abseiling from the balloon!

Palletways At Pinewood 2011 01

Once we’d completed the stunt sequence and James Bond had made his triumphant entrance into the event we kept the balloon inflated so the rest of the actors involved in the sequence could have their photo taken with the balloon.

Palletways At Pinewood 2011 02

The guests then went inside to have a three course meal and an evening of music and entertainment and from what I understand, a very pleasant evening it was to! Of course, while all this was going on I was packing away the 105 and readying Slick the Dragon for his big entrance!

Obviously an evening event means you have the possiblity to inflate the balloons after dark, when the light from the burner illuminates them. Slick looks brilliant at night, and so there was only one way we could introduce him to the guests!

Palletways At Pinewood 2011 03

I kept Slick tethered for 2 hours, to give any guest at the event the chance to come up for a close look if they wished. From a ballooning point of view the event was a complete success. And I can now say that not only have I been involved in a James Bond stunt at Pinewood Studios (if not actually involving the real James Bond!) but I have had a real bond girl in my balloon!

Palletways At Pinewood 2011 04
Palletways At Pinewood 2011 05
Palletways At Pinewood 2011 06

Photographs © Martin Capenhurst

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