Film Review: UP

A night with nothing on the TV and amazingly, for once, nothing recorded on the Sky+ box meant one thing. Search the EPG for something to watch. And I found it. Disney Pixar’s 2009 animated smash, Up.

Described simply, it’s the tale of an old man, who threatened with a court order placing him into a retirement home, decides to tie a load of toy balloons to his house and keep a promise to his departed wife and go on the adventure of a life time to paradise falls. Taking small mailman Russell along for the ride.

Looking at it deeper it’s a touching tale about life’s ups and downs, the relationship between a parent and their offspring and the bonds that bind true love between two people. And it ticks the most important box for any animated film – it appeals and entertains to both children and adults alike. Whether you’re 8 years old laughing at a dog with a broken talking collar or 38, pretending you have something in your eye as Carl deals with the loss of Ellie, I promise you, Up will keep you interested, entertained and laughing throughout.

Now, this is the second time I’ve seen Up, and amazingly the first time was over the Christmas period a few years ago. I remember then watching it, and while enjoying it, coming from a background of hot air ballooning and lighter than air travel, I for some reason, spent a lot of the movie thinking to myself “that’s just stupid, if it flies with them inside, it’ll fly with them holding a hosepipe…”.

Now, I know that it’s an animated children’s movie – it’s not meant to be 100% scientifically accurate, I just couldn’t help myself. And in fact, I think it’s a credit to the movie, that it was able to draw me in so well, that I actually started to believe in it to the point I would question it’s real world physics.

Watching it a second time around, the story and plot is still as charming, touching and enjoyable as I remember, and once again, even saying to myself “don’t question the physics” I found myself doing exactly that on the odd occasions, which as I just said is a credit to the movie and the team behind it.

I don’t want to be too critical of it though, I don’t want to sit here and start reeling off bad points, or saying that this is wrong or that is wrong with the plot or character development, or that Charles Muntz appears to be the oldest human ever to live. I think you need to look at Up, from the point of view of the overall film. And that can be summed up simply as “It’s Good”.

Now, to be fair, it’s not as good as Cars or Wall-E but it is miles better than Cars 2. I just think it’s sad, that when you see people talk about recent animated movies, while it may get a brief mention, it’s just a passing thought. And it deserves so much more than that.


8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

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