Film Review: Tron: Legacy

There are some movies that you just have to question exactly why they bothered? What exactly did they plan to achieve when they set out and why invest all that time and money into production when the end product is so poor?

Tron: Legacy is exactly one of those films. It seems to serve no real purpose. The script is shockingly weak. It just plods along, hands firmly in its pockets forcing it’s cast to recite dialogue that never reaches beyond a level of English you’d expect from a primary school child.

But you could forgive the simplicity of its script if the world into which you’re taken grabbed you. But it doesn’t. This is a movie with absolutely no imagination. The underlying story, the plot on which this whole movie is based is just silly. On paper the idea of developing the world created in the original Tron movie (which wasn’t that great in itself) and bringing a whole new generation to the idea is a good one – the problem is it’s execution – Tron: Legacy just feels totally unconnected to Tron. Yes, the set is the same: the arcade is the arcade, ENCOM is ENCOM, and the motorbikes still have hubless wheels but after that they just give up.

There are plot holes all over place, and as a movie it commits the cardinal sin of leaving you with more questions after you’ve watched it than when you started. And what’s even worse is that those questions are usually relating to how things were even possible, or why they bothered doing this, that, or overwhelmingly, what exactly the point of most of it was.

The only saying grace, and unfortunately, it’s not enough of a grace to make Tron: Legacy worth it in any way shape or form is the 3D. I will admit the only reason I watched it was because it rates well as a movie to watch to show off the “3D” gimmick. And it does that brilliantly at times.

However, as I am firmly convinced with all 3D now, it only works well when it’s creating a fully CGI world to which we have no connection in everyday life. When you’ve got CGI bikes zooming around the gaming world with CGI light trails and explosions then, yes you get a good 3D experience, but as soon as Kevin Flynn starts having a chat in front of a backdrop of “The Grid” it all goes a bit “magic eye” book with flat, broken, depth perception and a disconnection to the world in which he is meant to be.

And I’m not even going to start to talk about just how dark it is. Set a 3D movie in a dimly lit world and you’re instantly asking for trouble. The problem is though, the movie is that bad I don’t have any intention to watch it in 2D to see just what details I missed as a result.

Honestly, if you like the sound of the story watch the original, if you want a film to show off you’re 3D system get Avatar or Gravity (in a few months) or if you really fancy Olivia Wilde watch House.

Just whatever you do, avoid Tron: Legacy!

5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

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