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Lunchtime today saw Part 1, My Worst 5 Movies Of 2015 published and now it is time to follow that up with Part 2, My Top 5 Movies I’ve seen this year. It’s a surprising list, comprised almost entirely of smaller films that I watched at home rather the big blockbuster cinema experiences. So, without further ado…

1. What Masie Knew

Surprisingly but quite easily my favourite film of 2014. While the performances of the lead character played by Steve Coogan and Julianne Moore are a little unbelievable and over the top, the performance of Onata Aprile as Maisie is truly spectacular. And honestly, if the emotion, suffering and fragility of her performance doesn’t move you close to tears then you need to have a look inside yourself.

Also, the style and direction of this film, the way it presents the world to you just reinforces it’s emotional onslaught, and as the film started to wind down, I can honestly say that for the first time I can ever remember I didn’t want it to finish. Yes the story had run to it’s conclusion but I wasn’t ready to leave.

2. Padington

They say that a 10/10 films doesn’t mean it’s perfect, that there isn’t a single flaw within, but rather on occasions, it’s simply better than a 9. And Paddington is/was very close to proving that rule. Having been petrified when it was first announced, that the stories, the bear of my childhood would be dressed up, changed, within the first few minutes every worried and anxious thought was gone.

They have brought Paddington to life perfectly, and the film is such a beautiful treat, that is charming, warm, loving and reminiscent of so many happy memories, the only reason I failed to finally award a perfect 10, so to speak, was that I felt as the film went on it just lost it’s way emotionally becoming a little bit narratively predictable. But I can forgive it, because while I can’t wait for a sequel, the original will I’m sure will become treasured viewing.

3. Frances Ha

This really is the wild card entry of the list, as I remember at the time thinking to myself how I found the main character, the persona and the lifestyle she leads completely repulsive and that she was the kind of person I would actively shy away from and attempt to remove from my life.

And yet, for whatever reason, I just cannot get Frances Ha out of my head. The film has got stuck and constantly jumps to the forefront whenever anyone asks me about films I’ve seen. And it’s that recall, that means I have to list it in my top 5, because for whatever reason I cannot explain, there is just something about it.

4. Only Lovers Left Alive

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston playing Vampires. It’s a recipe guaranteed not to fail and it doesn’t. Their performances are a joy to behold, each capturing the immortal ideals of their very existence perfectly which is then married to a cinematic style, tone and colour to create an end product that is as visually satisfying as any work of art hanging in any gallery.

It may be a little restricted in the depth of it’s plot, but it’s not really a bad thing because everything else is of such exquisite quality that being given the freedom to really enjoy it without having to worry too much about the the what, how, where and why just increases the pleasure you draw from it. Honestly, if you’ve never seen it, buy some expensive chocolates, pour yourself a glass of red wine and indulge. You won’t regret it.

5. Tim’s Vermeer

A documentary by Penn & Teller about a man, so obsessional that he’ll spend months of his life painstakingly proving a theory of art surrounding how Vermeer created the paintings he did. What’s not to like. Tim’s Vermeer is simply a story of a man with far too much free time as well as, the resources to do what he wants. With spectacular results.

This documentary is stunning and is as intriguing for the insight it provides into how compulsive and driven we can be as a race, as we witness how one man will stop at nothing to prove his point as well as, being a fascinating look at a artistic technique and the results it can achieve. I remember coming away from it, totally amazed, overwhelmed and thoroughly perplexed that something seemingly so obvious and potentially so easy, could hold the secret to it all. I’m still just waiting for the day I have enough free time to give it a go, because honestly, I would love to!

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