Film Review: The World Is Not Enough

I have a problem with The World Is Not Enough. This movie is simply two things smashed together in the vague attempt to make a film that works and as shocking as this may seem, it doesn’t. There is a simple reason though why it fails so spectacularly to work. The two parts they chose to place together were the sound bite and the action stunt. So we have a film that limps sadly from stunt to stunt using a plot that wants to stand the test of time and leave you shaken not stirred.

Even the title demands to get in on the action.

But you shouldn’t be surprised by this. After all, the opening sequence to the film sees Bond making one lines jokes about Swiss bankers and sexual innuendos about their female PAs which rather than pass flirtingly by, would these days have Bond arrested for sexual harassment in the workplace. Occasionally with a Bond film the opening sequence that feeds into the main titles can end up serving no relation to the rest of the plot and acts more as closure to previous story lines, but annoyingly this isn’t one of those times.

The worse part though is that the longer you go on with The World Is Not Enough the more you can and will fall into a hatred of it and the more you will want to give it a kicking. Firstly, the casting is just terrible. Robbie Coltrane is back as everybody’s lovable Russian “businessman” but I’m sure he’s only Russian in name, and that will have been changed by deed poll, as there is more than just a passing twang of Scottish to his accent. And you can’t over look Goldie playing his “little scamp” of an assistant. Cast I can only assume to provide a few comic moments of gold teeth smiling nonsense. Metal teeth and Bond only just work on a 7ft tall Jaws, and certainly not on a pretend Russian gangster!

Moving up the side of evil, we get quickly onto Robert Carlyle and Sophie Marceau. Taking the in reverse order, let’s start with Sophie. That shinning light of French beauty. A girl who just screams, sounds and radiates an elegance that can only come from living closer to the Mediterranean and it’s endless sun than any daughter of a Scottish aristocrat would live. Her casting is just wrong. The background they present for her mean that she just isn’t believable as a character, which is such a shame because her character would be brilliant if they’d set her up properly. She brings exactly what is needed to her role of mad seductress but you never quite get past Sophie McMarceau to believe in her.

And Robert, he looks the part, he 90% of the time and certainly highlights just how bad his namesake Vladimir Coltrane is, sounds the part, but he’s set up as a man shot in the head who now has a bullet lodged in his brain that while slowing moving deeper, leading eventually to his death, is actually resulting in him becoming strong and strong until that final day arrives due to it killing off his senses as it burrows deeper and deeper into his cerebral tissues. Oh please. Come on, really? It’s so far beyond plausible that it’s not only silly, childish and laughable, it causes the entire movie to collapse. There are people in real life, who cannot smell, or taste, or feel pain. They aren’t superhuman plotting world domination, but rather superhuman in the lengths they have to go to, to ensure that they simply survive each day without life’s everyday tasks causing them long term physical damage.

And the kicking of characters, plot, jokes, whatever you like can carry on. Q being replaced by R, but let’s ramp the slapstick comedy up a notch, let’s hire John Cleese. After all, his family name was originally John Cheese! The only way his on screen time could be any worse if he he’d invented a wet fish bomb that explodes when you slap it around the enemies face.

I am actually starting to get wound up just thinking about how much I hate about this film, how much I could go on and on and on about everything I think is wrong, how explosions in tunnels only travel backwards when it works for dramatic effect and not when it’d kill Bond or how nobody seems to notice the heavily branded helicopter casually destroying the building in the built up area and… no I must stop.

Honestly, if you are going to miss out on any Bond film this has to be virtually top of the list, it truly is that bad. There is only one way to finish this review and that is to say I have finally worked out the title – The World Is Not Enough – it’s how far you should keep this film away from your collection if you want to feel safe!

5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

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