My 5 Worst Films Of 2015 – A review of the Year, Part 1

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While I may not have watched anything like the number of films during 2015 that I did during 2014 (it’s still an impressive 134 so far), the year has produced a lot of memorable moments for both good and bad reasons. As I did last year it seems, as Christmas fades into memory and you start to hear people bemoaning “I can’t believe it’s 2016 already, that year flew by”, only right to look back over the best and worst films the year had to offer.

So, starting with the worst and, in no particular order:

1. And Uneasy Lies The Mind

It claimed to be the first movie shot entirely on an iPhone and I watched it purely as research for a blog post I wrote for another website regarding the how modern technology was reducing cinematic barriers to entry. That you no longer need a multimillion dollar budget and specialist equipment to produce a film. Sadly though, there are limits to just how small scale you can go. And Uneasy Lies The Mind was just a mess of one dimensional story telling through a confusing plot. And whatever anyone says, the camera on an iPhone just isn’t up to recording footage you want to subject 90 minutes of your life to watching!

2. The Homesman

The Western that nearly broke me. It was so dull and boring. Truly it is just a couple of characters trotting on a horse engaging in small talk and then out of the blue attempting to raise you from the induced slumber by a twist that is totally out of character and plot to the entire monotonous story that has gone before. I’ve never been a fan of Westerns and The Homesman did nothing more than cement their reputation in my mind.

3. Monsters Dark Continent

It was in my top 10 movies I was looking forward to seeing this year. The original is an absolute triumph of individual film making that marries emotive narrative with a thought provoking plot, underlined by a gritty realism. The sequel is none of these. Mainly due to the lack of involvement of the original director (Gareth Edwards) the sequel is so far removed from any of the qualities of the original it is appalling it even shares it’s name. It is nothing more than a sci-fi alien war film that deserves to be forgotten quickly.

4. The Bling Ring

I don’t think I have ever had a reaction to a film like I did to Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring. I found it completely reprehensible and repulsive. Even thinking back to it now I am starting to get wound up and angry about the story it told and the emotions it demanded. It tried to justify petty crime and make me accept that this way OK. How I managed to watch it to the end I don’t know. It’s a disgusting story that attempts to glamorise the unacceptable and I’m ashamed to have even watched it.

5. Inherent Vice

I’m still waiting for somebody to explain what on earth this film is actually about. I have never been so confused by a film in my life. It makes absolutely no sense. It’s not as though it’s little vignettes stuck together to form an implausible plot (that award goes to A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence). Instead Inherent Vice actually attempts to have a beginning, middle and end but ignores the fact that it talks absolute gibberish as it goes. Worse though is the fact the trailer makes it out to be a big name, comedic romp of madness. It’s just a shame only the madness part is true and that it engulfed everything and anything else in it’s sight before stomping off with two-and-a-half hours of my life.

Honourable avoiding mentions must go as well to: What We Did On Our Holiday the big screen alteration of the TV programme Outnumbered, the problem was it forgot to bring any of the TV programmes strengths and simply ended up as a comedy that was so cold and unfunny that I sat there simply thinking “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. Tomorrowland every nearly made the top 5, missing out purely on numbers rather than any hint of quality as it attempted to look at the future by employed actors who blatantly didn’t want to be there! Finally, Woman in Gold aimed for the mid-afternoon “tea and biscuit”s market but forgot that you need an interesting story. It was simply boring, with no pace and a worse of all a main character that I found so selfish I actually started rooting against her.

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