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Goodbye Film, Hello TV Box Set

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You may have noticed that for a blog which was fast becoming nothing more than an apparent daily film critique things have slowed down a little, and also, become a bit more varied. The reason is simple: I haven’t been watching as many movies. In fact, it’s been nearly two months since I last watched a film at home, and in that time I’ve also only averaged a trip to the cinema once a week.

The reason is I was watching too many films and therefore, writing so many follow up reviews that my enjoyment in them completely waned. I would watch them but concentrate on my thoughts, emotions and responses rather than the narrative and the plot. I would focus on what I was planning to write rather the story on offer. I truly reached a point where it felt like a job and when you’re not being paid you have to ask yourself “what’s the point?”. Read more

TV Film Review: Esio Trot

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If you’ve read my review of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical that I saw in the West End earlier this year, you will know that I am something of a Roald Dahl fan. And so, when I saw that the BBC were showing an adaptation of Esio Trot, written by Richard Curtis, on New Year’s Day, it wasn’t a hard guess to say I’d been sitting down to watch it.

Not knowing anything more about this new production aside from a brief advert, and having quickly reacquainted myself to Dalh’s tale of Alfie, Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver, by reading his original story, I settled in not really knowing what to expect and intrigued as to how they would bring the weirdly wonderful story to life. What I got though, wasn’t as much a retelling of Dahl’s classic, but rather a reimagining that felt the same but instead of missing the point, completely changed it. Read more

TV Review: The Mekong River With Sue Perkins

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Sue Perkins, a boat, and the only person to speak English? A shy Tibetan Nun! It seems an unlikely source of entertaining Sunday night television but that’s exactly what this 4 part series turned out to be. Entertaining yet immensely thought provoking at the same time.

Travelling the Mekong River in South East Asia, Perkins took us on a journey upstream to show firstly how people rely on the river to live, prosper and dream and secondly, to open our narrow western eyes to the plight of a region developing at fractional rates that will potentially lead to its ultimate downfall. Read more

TV Review: 100 Seconds To Beat The World: The David Rudisha Story

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In exactly the same way as a chance encounter with a tweet lead to me enjoying the scientific delights of BBC 2’s Operation Cloud Lab, it was a chance encounter listening to Radio 2 while cooking my dinner that lead me to hear an interview regarding an upcoming documentary about David Rudisha and his journey that ultimately resulted in him destroying the field at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I must admit, that it was purely that interview that drew me to watch it. I’m not the biggest athletics fan and being completely honest, I actually watched very little of the Olympics when they were on. And I am pretty sure that I didn’t watch Rudisha, or any of the 800m running. In fact, he apparently even ran at the Crystal Palace event I tethered the Lucozade balloon at 3 years ago, and I only know that because I’ve just looked it up! But there was something in this interview, something about the way they spoke, their enthusiasm for the story that made me want to see it. Read more

TV Review: Operation Cloud Lab: Secrets of the Skies

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If you believe everything you read, society is now apparently so addicted to nothing but: reality TV, cookery programmes and soap operas that the rest of the television industry is on its knees. That our programming schedules will never again be filled with anything even remotely interesting, thought provoking or dare I say it, educational.

The problem is though, that my opening statement is in fact, complete rubbish. There are quality TV programmes being made. Last year Professor Brian Cox brought the science of Doctor Who to life, Jacques Peretti is currently showing us how “Men” manipulate us to spend and buy having already made us fat and a team of scientists opened my eyes to the amazing hidden wildlife of Burma that lives in a part of the world I truly wish to visit. These programmes all suffer from the same issues, they don’t get advertised. And once again, another stunningly interesting piece of television fell into this trap and very nearly passed me by. If it wasn’t for a retweet from Lindstrand Media about the programme, I wouldn’t have heard of it and would never have seen it.
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A Trip Down Memory Lane…

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It’s amazing just how much of our childhood we don’t actually remember and how much is created not from the physical remembrance of an event but rather through stories and photographs recounted and revisited. Those brief backwards glimpses that provide a tale to how our journey through life began and how the little details of life that were and are, totally insignificant to the bigger picture can hold emotions stronger than any others. Read more

TV Review: True Detective

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At the height of my illness I was exercising a lot, well to be precise I was rowing a lot, alright I was ergo’ing a lot. Now a lot of people like to listen to thumping house music, some as I later transition to, enjoy audio books but to begin with I was into American TV programmes.

For months and months I rowed meter after meter as The West Wing, The Wire, House, Rookie Blue, The Mentalist, Breaking Bad all came and went, each and every series devoured and so, when through Twitter I was introduced to True Detective, America’s latest “hit show” I was never going to pass it by. Now, taking slow, small steps to recovery, and no longer owning my Concept 2, season 1 of True Detective was enjoyed from the comfort of an arm chair rather than a cold, hard sweaty seat going to and fro.
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