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Cafe Scientifique: Weathermen & The War

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Café Scientifique is a public science communication initiative running across more than 40 towns in the UK. It’s a place where, for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. My local lectures take place monthly in Reading at Monroe’s Bar and Grill and November saw Professor Andrew Charlton-Perez from the Meteorology department at Reading University come and speak about what some proclaim to be the most important weather forecast in history.

The forecast for the D-Day Landings in 1944. Read more

Airbrush Training

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I wrote on the page about the work page how it was Games Workshop and the Warhammer battle games that opened up my creative side and gave me an outlet from which to find enjoyment and pleasure. The collecting, assembling and painting of models allowing me to learn the arts of painting, highlighting and dry-brushing as my technique developed and my armies took colour. One thing I never learned to do though was to use an airbrush.

Obviously, as a child growing up the cost of specialist airbrushing equipment was way beyond the reach of pocket money and paper rounds, and of course, why save all that money for an airbrush when it could be better spent on more models and an even bigger army?! However, as I am slowly dipping my toes back into the world of modelling and war-gaming and starting to revisit, although sadly at the moment, without the same enthusiasm, childhood memories of old, I thought it was time to treat myself, to allow myself the chance to paint “properly”, to purchase an airbrush.
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Aspartame – Is It Safe?

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Read a paper, watch the news, spend 30 seconds looking into healthy eating and nutrition and you won’t have been able to avoid the debate that has been raging recently over the use and safety surrounding artificial sweeteners and one in particular, Aspartame.

However, after lots of testing, the European Food Safety Authority have decided that Aspartame is safe. Apparently, it’s not linked to cancer, it’s not dangerous and therefore, to quote the EFSA “Aspartame and its breakdown products are safe for human consumption at current levels of exposure”. Now, I am not a scientific boffin, nor am I a medical doctor able to comment at length on the EFSA’s report/findings and the overall safety surrounding the use of artificial sweeteners in our food but what I can do is tell my story, explain what happened to me.
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Small Screen Comparision: The Hobbit: TDoS

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Having already reviewed The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug when I saw it last year in the cinema is seems a little foolish to write another review. And so, it seemed to make more sense, in the same way as I did for Gravity, to compare how the film transfers from the large screen to the small. And how that effects, improves or changes the viewing experience.

The first thing that really hit me, and it was surprising, as it hadn’t happen at all with the first film, or even the Lord of the Rings trilogy, was that on the smaller screen this film just lost all its impact. It felt cramped, it felt squeezed. It didn’t feel anything like the spectacle it had in the cinema. Whether, unlike previous outings was because this was the first of Peter Jackson’s JRR Tolkien films I was watching at home in 3D I don’t know, but it actually ruined the film slightly. This sense of compaction and loss of depth and connection to the film was so striking in the opening sequences that I did actually think at one point of getting up and changing it for the 2D version instead.
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The 86th Academy Awards (Oscars 2014)

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Preferring instead to get a decent nights sleep rather than sit through teary, overly long, thank you speeches I must confess that I didn’t stay up to watch the 86th Academy Awards. And the fact they were being broadcast exclusively on a Sky channel I don’t receive.

However, as I passed judgement on the BAFTA Awards last month, it seems only fair I give my humble opinion to the winners and losers on the other side of the pond.

So once again, without further ado…
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BAFTA Awards 2014

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While I was tucking into a slightly unfulfilling offering of Ray, the glitz and glamour of the film world was taking over the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, for the 2014 British Academy Film Awards. And while the blog is essentially about anything and everything, right now at the start of 2014 it does appear to be rather film heavy. So it makes sense to me, to pass judge on the winners and losers and give my thoughts on who won wot!

So without further ado:
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Comparing The Book To The Film (The Railway Man)

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Having been to see The Railway Man with my parents, and knowing that my mother was about to start reading the book on which it is based – having got a free copy through a newspaper offer – I asked if she would be so kind as to write a comparison piece for this blog.

The question was simple: how does the book compare to the film and which did she prefer?

Here is her response… Read more