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No Such Thing As A Fish: Live in Reading

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Growing up I enjoyed a good laugh; I would forego the wildlife documentary on BBC1 in favour of Live At The Apollo on BBC2. I’d shelter from the Glastonbury summer rain in the comedy tent before the beer tent and with my friends I’d charge around the Thames Valley in pursuit hearing Bill Bailey tickle the comedic ivories again and again. So, it’s no surprise that I watched QI; a comedy panel show that hides educational facts under the veil of comedic laughs. A bit like your Mum hiding broccoli under a pile of cheesy mash. Or something like that. Read more

My Top 5 Movies of 2015 – A review of the Year, Part 2

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Top 5 Movies Of 2015

So, following on from my worst 5 movies of 2015 and concluding my movie review of 2015, here are my top 5 films.

I always believe that the only real way to pick the top movies you’ve seen in a year is to round them all up and go with your gut feeling, that instant recall when you see their title. I don’t try to over think it, read back over reviews, pondering my thoughts and minutely comparing details. It means that my list may be missing films of better technical quality, narrative, or performance, but that’s not what makes the best films of the year for me. I want those films that by simply mentioning there names have put me back there, feeling that tickle of excitement and passion that I did when I saw them. Read more

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones…

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Dem Bones - Header

I have a friend, she’s called Kate, and she’s into running. Running in what can only be described as a Forest Gump kind of way. Kate is also one of the millions people in the UK affected by an Eating Disorder, but more importantly, Kate is actually one of the 45% who make a full recovery.

Because she is now “powered by beer and biscuits” she is doing all she can to help raise money, awareness and generally just proving to people that recovery is possible and that eating disorders are not fun, not a choice and not something to ignore. And I cannot thank her enough for that, because aside from the hours of ear bashing she puts up with when I declare I’m feeling squiffy or fat, when I need a friendly, knowledgeable voice to tell my anorexic brain to shut up, that food is good, Kate is always there, always smiling, and not willing to stop making a nuisance in the name of spreading a very important message. Read more

You Can’t Half An Egg: An Anorexic Diet

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An Anorexic Diet - Header

This might sound like the strangest thing to say in the world, in fact you may actually think that I’m being foolish even believing it, but honestly, consciously putting on weight feels virtually impossible. Well at least in a sustainable way. We all hear people talk about how they’ve over indulged, how they’ve put on a few extra pounds, eaten a few too many chocolates in the run up to Christmas, Easter, or had a few too many takeaways recently. How it’s easy to put on weight, after all, a moment on the lips = a lifetime on the hips! But these are all subconscious acts. Essentially just over grazing through availability rather than a fundamental effort to increase weight. Actively eating more food is hard. Our body is designed to eat what it needs, when it needs. So to unnaturally force extra food into your body, is to actually start a war with your brain. To want to put on weight feels like a fight with your own natural evolution. Read more

My Top 5 Films : Film Review 2014, Part 2

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Best Movies 2014 - Header

Lunchtime today saw Part 1, My Worst 5 Movies Of 2015 published and now it is time to follow that up with Part 2, My Top 5 Movies I’ve seen this year. It’s a surprising list, comprised almost entirely of smaller films that I watched at home rather the big blockbuster cinema experiences. So, without further ado… Read more

My Worst 5 Films: Film Review 2014, Part 1

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Worse Films 2014 - Header

It’s the start of a new year, and as people wake up head’s pounding as the hangover of another anticlimactic party looms large, it seems the perfect time opportunity to look back over the 150 odd films I watched last year and give you my pick of the worse cinematic offerings to grace my life. Read more

Film Review: 10 Films Of 2015 I Can’t Wait To See

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Films Of 2015 - Header

With 2014 drawing to a close, it’s time to turn my attention of the films slated for release next year. So without further ado, here are 10 films I cannot wait to see next year, and my initial thoughts as to what they will deliver… Read more

An Anorexic At Christmas

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An Anorexic Christmas - Header

While Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people whether based around celebration, religion or tradition, as we grow older, as the day goes from wonder and excitement to cynicism and stress, no matter how our way of remembering the birth of Christ changes, the memories we hold and the happiness they bring, remain the same. No matter how the current affects us, looking back will always highlight the magic this time of year creates.

I remember for instance, the nerves of playing a Myrrh offering King in my primary school Nativity, or the anticipation that would start to build when my brother and I dropped letters of claimed meriting behaviour into the open fire, starting their journey to the North Pole. Read more

Opinion: Peppersmith Chewing Gum

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It all started with a newspaper article that appeared in The Times over two years ago declaring that you didn’t need to floss. That rubbing a small piece of string between your teeth morning, noon and night was actually just a waste of time. If you wanted to reclaim your evenings and end the dissatisfied glare of the dental hygienist then all you had to do was swap over to a routine of brushing, flushing and chewing. Ok, well not flushing, but a dental mouthwash regime so involved that would you wouldn’t even put your clothes through.

Essentially it was this: Start with a pre-rinse mouthwash, then brush, then post cleaning mouthwash with two different types that do two different things. But, all this would only work if you spent all day, everyday, chewing gum as soon as any food entered your mouth. But it had to be one type of gum. It has to be 100% Xylitol. And at the time, that meant one brand Peppersmith. Read more

London 19-11-14: A Day To Remember

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London - Hheader

If you read my blog you will have seen that I recently spent the day in London enjoying a happy trip to the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory musical. A slightly delayed Birthday treat from my parents. But that wasn’t all my day involved. After all, even living a short train journey from London I don’t venture towards the capital very often and so when I do, I usually make a bit of a day of it.

This time was no different, and while sadly the original plan for the day had been altered slightly due to Anorexia getting in the way as usual, after an interesting few minutes doing laps of Reading Station car park trying to work out how to get from barrier A to long stay B when all signs point solely to exit C, I was sitting in a well worn seat of an Intercity 125 heading up to Paddington. The day had begun. Read more