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Film Review: Bringing Out The Dead

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Ask people to list the movies directed by Martin Scorsese and I doubt that anyone but the hardest of Scorsese fans will be able to name Bringing Out The Dead, or even tell you anything about it if you asked them.

A seriously dark and twisted tale of a New York ambulance paramedic, overworked and haunted by visions of his failures, who is fighting to keep a tenuous grip on his clarity, it is a film on paper that should be bigger and better known that is it. Read more

Film Review: Frozen

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There are just times when you need to escape, you need I need a break from the everyday trials and stresses of life. Those moments where you just need to switch your brain off, forget about life and essentially spend some time having a mind numbing, do nothing experience.

Today is one of those days and Frozen is one of those films.

There is no denying that as a 30 year old, I am not the target audience they had in mind when painstakingly creating Frozen. It is aimed primarily at young children and you can tell. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, Frozen is a mash up of musical, meets cartoon, meets cynical “Christmas” money spinner, whether that be through its over use of 3D or obvious attempt at merchandise creation. Read more

Film Review: Die Hard

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Time for a confession. I haven’t seen any of the Die Hard films. I know, I know. Even with the guarantee of every single one being shown over Christmas, I have still managed in the 12 years I’ve been “legally” able to watch them never seen them – they’ve always just pasted me by.

So, I decided that this year I would change this. I would make amends and dip my toes into the world of John McClane, and watch Die Hard. After all, with them being shown on the TV, I didn’t really have an excuse not to record them and, as New Year was approaching, and my hatred of all things party and celebratory for what is, the most over-rated even of the year. Seeing in 2014 with Bruce, a hot mug of chocolate and a warm fire seemed more appealing that a bank robbing night out in the bars and clubs. Read more

Film Review: Mary Poppins

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As it’s post Christmas you can guarantee a few things:

  1. You probably don’t want to ever see a turkey again,
  2. You have probably played every board game you own at least once and,
  3. Dick Van Dyke will be on your TV at least once a day.

I can happily tick those 3 off pretty quickly, and for today’s offering of Van Dyke we have that festive staple, Mary Poppins. Now having not long ago watched Saving Mr Banks, it seemed slightly insensitive to PL Travers, not to watch the film that in one respect, she fought so strongly against allowing to be made. Read more

Film Review: UP

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A night with nothing on the TV and amazingly, for once, nothing recorded on the Sky+ box meant one thing. Search the EPG for something to watch. And I found it. Disney Pixar’s 2009 animated smash, Up.

Described simply, it’s the tale of an old man, who threatened with a court order placing him into a retirement home, decides to tie a load of toy balloons to his house and keep a promise to his departed wife and go on the adventure of a life time to paradise falls. Taking small mailman Russell along for the ride. Read more

Film Review: Before Midnight

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Forming, the third part of the “Before…” series of films, Before Midnight had a huge amount to live up to. Richard Linklater’s series of films portraying the evolving relationship of Jesse and Céline have largely gone under the radar of the mainstream, but for any film fan should sit firmly, and lovingly in the collection.

As a series of film that simply look at the development of a relationship, through nothing but speech and conversation, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset drew us into a world of beauty, naivety, passion and love. Whether you viewed the plot and its ageing development as “arty farty”, never would happen like that unrealism, or a touching story of soul mates, true love and endless emotions isn’t important. And the chances are anyway, when compared to how you perceive your life and how most people feel love “works” you’ll sit somewhere between those two views. Read more

Film Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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Peter Jackson returns with the 2nd helping of The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug. I really enjoyed the first film, and dear I say it, I actually enjoy the plot and story of The Hobbit more than the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. However, Mr Jackson’s decision to use all source material – whether through a dedication and love to the world created by JRR Tolkien, or a cynical marketing ploy to stretch and pad the timeline to such an extent he can edit it into three films is for another debate.

However, Smaug the magic dragon puff’s his way brilliant back onto our big screen. As it’s the “middle movie” we don’t need character set up, karaoke night at the local all you can eat or a reintroduction to middle earth. We simply need and get “Action!”. Read more

Film Review: Nebraska

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Nebraska was one of those last minute movies – it had somehow totally slipped me by – and it was only when a friend on twitter said she wanted to see it that I even knew it existed. A quick watch of the trailer, listen to Mark Kermode’s review and a few clicks on Vue’s “What’s on?” page and I was off to see essentially the last performance of it as it’s run on the big screen was rather limited and short to say the least. Which is such a shame.

As I was going in with very much a limited knowledge of plot and quite what to expect, my preconceived ideas and the reality they met where together and yet distant (I must buy a thesaurus as I’m sure they must be a single posh word that means “together yet distant”!). Read more

Film Review: The Butler

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I honestly think there will be a lot of people who go to see the Butler expecting a heart warming tale of one man’s career. A career spent serving Mr President. And a plot that takes you on a journey through the political landscape of 21st Century America as viewed from within the White House, but by a set of eyes unable to comment, influence or affect anything that happens.

Instead you get met with a story essentially evolving around the civil rights movement in the United States and one man’s journey from picking white cotton on a farm as a boy to working in a white house as a man simply to provide for his family. Read more

Film Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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I missed the 74th playing of the Hunger Games when it hit the cinema’s last year; only catching up with it later after its release on Blu-ray, but I must say I enjoyed it, it was tense, gripping, exciting, and for a franchise film didn’t feel overly commercialised. And so, when the trailers for the follow up – Catching Fire – started to appear on the big screen I was expecting big things.

At this point I must confess I haven’t read the books. And therefore, don’t know the story/what happens next where I am going to be taken. My entire preconceived expectations around the plot and direction of the film are based on the trailer and the fact that I know this is the middle book of the trilogy. Read more