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Film Review: Tiptoes

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It’s fair to say that from time to time we all go through phases, we all go through those periods where we become almost obsessed, locked if you will, to a specific actor or genre. We only watch romantic comedies or animated classics or franchise films. Often we don’t like to admit to our random addictions, I grew up on Adman Sandler’s back catalogue and went through a phase where I couldn’t get enough to Kate Beckinsale. Serendipity, Brokedown Palace, Tiptoes and even Pearl Harbor.

It’s been a while since I last watched Tiptoes. It’s one of those films that for want of a better description is shy. It sits, happily, in my DVD collection always keeping its head down, it’s arm lowered, never really wanting to make eye contact when I’m searching for something to watch. I can’t explain why, but it somehow feels to me like the child in class, desperate for the teacher not to call out their name. And I don’t understand why? Because while it’s not the type of movie that will shake the core of the ground upon which I stand, it’s a pleasant movie that deserves a bit more courage. Read more

Film Review: What If

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I’m not ashamed to admit that the first time I saw the trailer for What If I actually thought it didn’t look too bad. I thought it looked like your typical non offensive, no doubt formulaic teenage rom-com that would leave you slightly bored but in a strangely good way having given you a seemingly uplifting boy meets girl, overly simplistic love story.

And so, as is always the case with teenage romantic comedies, I ignored it cinema release. This is the kind of film that for reasons of stereotypical judgement you never want to admit to seeing in public. Especially as a male in his thirties. This is the type of film you watch at home, as if it’s somehow better to sit alone and pretend you don’t have a soft spot for unrealistic tales of love (and you can remove the tasteless thoughts from your head right away.) Read more

Film Review: Pride

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It’s amazing how when you search for something, it seemingly goes into hiding. I had wanted to find a “pair” of movies, an original and a sequel, and watch them back to back. But I couldn’t find anything obvious, and the few that came to mind (Cars, Kick Ass) all fall flat with the second album, so to speak.

And so I turned to Twitter where a friend, having the same fruitless answers, suggested that I give up looking and instead watch Pride. A tale about gay’s, lesbian’s and the miner’s strikes of the 1980s. I must admit, it’s been on my list of films to watch for a while, after all, people laud it as a true British comedy and Wittertainment, the BBC Film Podcast that I am a happy listener of, even proclaimed it their film of 2014. Read more

Film Review: Still Alice

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I honestly thought that Still Alice, annoyingly, would pass me by, that it’s distribution would be too small, with one screening at an antisocial time, all it presenting. After all, this is a small budget film shot in 23 days. And even with Julianne Moore’s award domination every rumour, every listing and every guess seemed to hint that I would have to wait.

Part of my though thought that perhaps, just maybe, it’s awards born reputation and natural demand therefore, would get it a bigger release and thankfully, it appears I was right as a sizeable number of showings, albeit in a tiny auditorium appeared at the local multiplex and so, it was finally time to see whether the adulation Moore received was justified. Whether Still Alice was actually any good? Read more

Film Review: Cowsboys & Aliens

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I love Cowboys & Aliens because I love how it instantly conjures up this imagery in your head of a slapstick parody. An idea that deserves to be rooted in Monty Python logic. And I love how you just know that the impressive cast (Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford) signed on not by being sold the story, but simply by being told the title.

And what’s even better is that for all the prejudiced thoughts that any film attempting to juxtaposition cowboys and aliens has to be a comedy you may start with, the film’s big twist, it’s cleverest move, is that it’s not. It’s a serious film using sensible ideas and yet, until you see it laid out in front of you, it’s just too hard to accept. Read more

Film Review: I, Robot

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There are times when you just need to accept that you aren’t in the mood for high drama, thought provoking debate or overly long stories. There are just times when you need to stick your feet up, let nonsensical special effects take over and lose yourself in a story far removed from modern life, or normally, human existence.

There are just those evenings when you need to let the unimaginable take you away. And usually that means letting Will Smith into your life. Originally I had planned to watch Independence Day, but it’s rather impressive running time and the culmination of a long week meant that alien invasion was sidestepped for robot intelligence. And so, Friday night’s film was: I, Robot. Read more

Film Review: A Thousand Times Goodnight

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I was hooked and grabbed by A Thousand Times Goodnight from the minute I saw the trailer. While the subject matter maybe potentially a little harrowing for some, there was just something about it that isn’t drew my attention. An appealing quality, a visual clarity that seemed to suggest that whatever the moral debate of a plot based around photographers in danger zones, this film would provide more than just a shock tactic story, or a flimsy narrative argument. If I’m honest, it just looked visual class.

And it also stars Juliette Binoche, who I absolutely adore, even if I can never work out why as I never seem to come out of her films as impressed as when I went in. Chocolat and Certified Copy being perfect examples. And sadly, this sense of unmet expectations has happened again, because the movie the trailer sold me is a long, long way from the story that you get to enrol in. Read more

Film Review: The Cake Eaters

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The Cake Eaters is a strange film, and if I’m honest I only really bothered to watch it because it has Bruce Dern and Kristen Stewart in it. Dern, like his daughter Laura, is acting royalty and I will openly admit that I have a soft spot for the acting abilities of Stewart, even though I have never watched a Twilight film.

Because I was going into this film based more upon acting reputation than plot, I didn’t actually have any idea what it was about, I was coming at it completely fresh, without prejudice, and what I found was a charmingly simply and yet somehow stale story about the interconnecting relationship and emotions of two families. Read more

Film Review: A Most Violent Year

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I can clearly remember A Most Violent Year getting heavily praised, with director J.C. Chandor, actors Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain and a gritty, intense plot, all coming in for equal plaudits along with numerous awards nominations in a wide range of categories. Everything looked like this was a hidden gem, a piece of under the radar quality that deserved more than a passing glance.

Annoyingly though, I missed it’s big screen cinematic release, other films, with bigger reputations demanding my time and so, it’s had to patiently wait until my local independent cinema put on a showing. And so I hopped it to the little theatre, in anticipation of a tense, demanding and intricate film, and instead got a slow, boring and monotonous tale that seems to stall, never really feeling in motion, that left be wondering what all the fuss is about. Read more

Film Review: Wanted

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Wanted is apparently based upon a comic book series, but from what I can understand, it’s basically just title and character names, because the comic book series is far more padded, more thought out and elongated than the film, that simply borrows the ideas behind a few characters, hires Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy and calls it a movie.

Wanted is also one of those films that you come away from not knowing whether you’ve actually liked it, enjoyed it, or somehow become devoid of all emotion. All you are sure of is that you haven’t hated it. You haven’t been bored. More than that though, it manages so say virtually nothing either. It opens box after box, scattering everything around with no intention of tidying up and still, you walk about, not fussed about the lack of care, sense or answers is shows. Read more

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