Book Review: Path Of The Eldar by Gav Thorpe

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Path Of The Eldar is an omnibus by Gav Thorpe, set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe, which comprises of a trilogy of stories that show how the lives of three friends connect together and how the events and actions of one ultimately affect the others; along with a trilogy of short stories designed to briefly expand our view point and interest in supporting characters we’ve met during the main novels.

While the initial idea is a clever one: take one large looming event and portray it though three different sets of eyes, ultimately something felt lacking, it was almost as though there wasn’t enough material to really sustain the story and as you get further into the trilogy and as you start to read and reread passages you’ve met before, causing things start to feel stale. The fundamental problem being that the books seem to spend too little time really looking at the characters, their personalities, what makes them tick and more time looking at how they interact with the world around them. They constantly report to the bigger picture.

This is an issue because the omnibus is long, by the time you’ve read the short stories as well, you’ll have turned over 750 of fine-print writing, and so, you need the story to constantly feel moving, evolving and it never really does. While the events unfold and move forward, you also feel stationary, stuck. It somehow just lacks detail you almost want to demand of it. The 3rd part of the main trilogy (Path Of The Outcast) does refresh things, but in such a way that you almost feel like you’re being presented a new story, removed from the others which starts off a little disconcerting but slowly wins you round. The final omnibus product just feels disjointed.

Overall, I enjoyed the Path Of The Eldar series, but was never satisfied by it. Everything just felt a little drawn out and slow, even though the pacing of the writing is good. And the imagery defined. I just feel that for a book that wants to drop you into a group of friends, I still feel like an outsider.

To read my thoughts on each individual part of the omnibus, please click a cover below:

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