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6th July 2004 – Cammell Laird

In April 2000 my family started a small little company allowing people to purchase a “proper” balloon flight as we liked to call it. The idea, was that instead of flying in a balloon with lots of passengers, we wanted to make it exclusive, where people would feel they were going on their own flight, rather than being part of a larger group.

To begin with, we started out flying 2 passengers at a time in G-BWKZ (Lambert Smith Hampton 2), but quickly found supply outstripped demand, and so moved on to a larger 3 passenger balloon – G-LEAS (Leasing Group), before once again quickly finding then we had enquiries asking if it was possible to fly 4 passengers, usually a family of two adults and two children at the same time.

As a result, in 2004 we commissioned and purchased G-CCXD. A Lindstrand 105 B-Type. The balloon was christened Rainbow Blue because on it’s maiden flight from Streatley Recreation Ground, my father took off with me flying along side him in Tutti Frutti (G-BYIY) acting as a camera platform into blue skies and inexplicably, a rainbow.As the balloon was used primarliy for commercial flights, I actually, only ever flew the balloon once, flying from Abingdon to Wittenham Clumps, but have many, many happy memories retrieving for the company. Acting as ground crew, chasing after the balloon ready to collect it and it’s passengers after another days flying.

In 2010 we decided to stop offering passenger flights to the public and as a result, no longer had a need for G-CCXD. We therefore put the balloon up for sale, with it being purchased by Mark & Joe Stevens of The Silver Ghost Balloon Club.

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